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X - Dream Stealth Boom Gaming Chair

This chair really stands out from the crowd! Completely different from the standard, heavy chair, this chair takes gaming chair design up a notch.
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The predatory looking Stealth Boomchair is unlike anything else! Its surround sound, booming bass, vibration feedback and sleek comfortable design is simply stunning.

This chair really stands out from the crowd! Completely different from the standard, heavy chair, this chair takes gaming chair design up a notch.

Not only do you get all the bells and whistles one has come to expect from any ârespectable' gaming chair, there are a few tweaks that are so innovative and unique that its unlike any chair we've tried before.

It comes with two 3 inch speakers, a 4 inch subwoofer, its wireless, has vibration feedback (rumble pack), separately adjustable bass and sound, and it's a full height chair â so no more sitting on the ground!

Unlike the chairs, its 2 x 3 inch speakers are set into the base of the chair and direct the sound up at you, giving a more realistic sound, and the subwoofer is set in the centre of the base, so you really feel that thumping and pounding coming up through your body.

It has a 360 degree swivel feature allowing you to rotate in a full circle, so you don't have to get out of your chair to do that victory spin, and it's also got reclining feature for those lazy, lean back moments.

To top it all off, the Stealth Boomchair has ultra deluxe padding, breathable fabric back, base and arm rests, and a adjustable headrest for the taller and shorter of us!

Unique Vibration feedbackEvery crash, bang and hit is enhanced with the amazing 3 x vibe drive installed into Stealth Boomchair. The vibration unit in the back of the chair thumps, vibrates and crashes in time to the action on the screen! It's the ultimate 'feel-the-action' enhanced feedback device, above and beyond anything else out there! 4 inch subwooferFeel amazing booming bass from the subwoofer located in the base of this chair.. The subwoofer amplifies and intensifies your gaming experience by surrounding you in powerful bass, and sends the sound right trhough youStereo SoundSurround yourself in personal surround sound through the two full range high performance speakers that work with all game consoles, and audio devices. This chair has a unique upward point pair of speakers so the sound really hits you as you play!CompatibilityThis full sized, interactive Stealth Boomchair is compatible with Xbox 360, Xbox, PS3, PS2, Wii and all major consoles and handhelds. It's also compatible with TV, DVD, satellite, CD and most MP3 playersWireless technologyNo more messy wires snaking across the room! With this simple to use wireless unit provided, you can beam the sound from your console, TV, or stereo system direct to the chair.Reclining, swivel featureThe chair has a reclining feature so you can lean back while playing that tense game, watching a movie, or just chilling out! It also swivels 360 degrees for the ultimate freedom of movement. Please note that the chair leans back, but does not lock while reclining. Comfort and durabilityThe soft padding and breathable fabric is comfortable and easy to clean, the padded armrests are perfect for resting those tired gaming arms or for clutching during those tense movie moments. The stand adds additional height so you don't have to wedge yourself off the floor when you need a break from it all, and the adjustable headrest means your always leaving back in confort.

Features and technical specifications:

â¢3 channels wireless audio (864 Mhz) â¢Vibration unit for enhancing your experience. â¢Audio System with surround sound â¢Internal Amplifier â¢2 x Stereo, surround sound satellite speakers â¢Chair colour: Black with gray/silver detailing. â¢Separately adjustable powered subwoofer (with excellent sound reproduction, vibratory lifelike bass, and a huge volume range, to enhance experience of gaming, music and movies) â¢Padded for resting those tired arms. â¢Stand for additional height while sitting â¢It works with Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Nintendo gaming units and all major game platforms, including handheld units such as PSP and DS lites â¢It also will work with your TV, DVD, VHS, and stereo system, your MP3 and iPod player and your phone if it has a standard earphone jack. â¢Can also work with powered amps (up to 80 Watt) â¢Extra padded back and base, and breathable fabric for those âtenseand sweaty' gaming moments - Comfortable and easy to clean. â¢360 degree swivel base and reclining feature â¢Adjustable headrest â¢UK (BS) adaptor included â¢Wireless adaptor included â¢RCA cable/wireless adaptor included â¢The unit connects through the audio out connection (or headset connection) on your TV so is compatible with HDMI and Scart, and all other units with an audio out connection. â¢Dimensions: when assembled â 104cm x 71cm x 71cm â¢Weight: 25kg

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